Pre-configured and economical upgrade packages designed to increase capability and uptime for your machinery.

Even if your older equipment is in excellent condition, it may not be providing you maximum return on your current jobs. This may be due to a change in your needs or the technology may now be available to significantly increase the equipment’s original capability and uptime.

Nidec Press & Automation offers a variety of upgrade packages for existing products. Upgrade packages and aftermarket offerings are categorized based on the type of press. Examples include:

  • Clutch Upgrades
  • Lubrication and/or Control Upgrades
  • Stroke Changes
  • Width Increases to Increase Production
  • Speed Upgrade Packages
  • VFD Conversions
  • Flywheel Bearing Re-Grease Package
  • Motorized Slide Adjust Package
  • Safety Upgrades

View some of our pre-configured Upgrade Packages grouped by specific applications:


Press Upgrades & Aftermarket Offerings


Press Upgrades & Aftermarket Offerings


Press Upgrades & Aftermarket Offerings


Press Upgrades & Aftermarket Offerings

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